Serving Miami County, Indiana and the surrounding area since 1983

Since 1983, Deeds Land Surveying has been in business providing land surveying services in north central Indiana and has conducted over 4,000 surveys. Our main area of operation is Miami, Cass, Wabash, Howard and Fulton Counties which includes the Cities of Peru, Logansport, Wabash, Kokomo and Rochester. At Deeds Land Surveying, you can trust us to help you with any of your land surveying needs.

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Today, many informed land owners (and soon to be landowners) find that their investment in real estate is best defined, described, mapped, located and developed with the assistance of a professional land surveyor.

Land Surveying is the science of measuring and mapping relative positions above, on or under the surface of the earth, or establishing such positions from legal or technical documents.

A Professional Land Surveyor is a person who is qualified by education and experience, and has passed an examination for registration required by the laws of the state in which he or she practices. It is necessary to be licensed to practice land surveying.

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